Leopard Software

Immediate stability, predictable velocity

Software Outsourcing

Our software outsourcing solutionma is uniquely designed to meet what we find are our customers' real needs. Whether you need scalable capacity on an existing project or need to outsource a distraction, such as product maintenance, we can help you.

We find that our clients' core needs are usually to get started quickly and to have their partner deliver high-quality output with predictable velocity.

To best meet these needs, we use a unique architect-centered model for our software development process. Your architect is an expert-level resource, with comprehensive skills and knowledge of all aspects of the development process and with expert communication skills. He or she serves as your primary technical contact and assumes responsibility for all deliverables. Behind the architect stands a scalable team of software developers who do the majority of the construction work, but the architect reviews all code and assumes personal responsibility for it, giving you scalability but delivered through a highly skilled technical expert who you can rely on.

If you need help with your software project, please call us at +1-214-707-1004 or email drostcheck [at] leopardllc.com for more information.