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5/17/16 - Do you need software help? Explains how our architect-centric consulting model adds the stability, productivity, and throughput you need.

4/12/16 - How AI maps your social network. Applying NLP to visualize Sherlock Holmes' social network.

3/23/16 - AlphaGo: Did DeepMind just solve intelligence?! A guest article we wrote for Singularity Weblog.

3/8/16 - Data Science? Business Intelligence? What's the difference? Discusses how BI is evolving into Data Science.

2/23/16 - Do you need a Data Scientist or a Data Engineer? Explains the two roles, their differences, and similarities.

2/16/16 - This Machine is Learning You: How We All Started Working for the Machines. A guest article we wrote for Singularity Weblog.

1/25/16 - Data Science as a new professional career. A presentation we gave at Exosphere's AI Nexus program (spanish version here)

1/12/16 - Technology trends that will change work in 2016. Telepresence robots and online learning get serious.

12/16/15 - Is Data Science really science? What is Data Science really, what is Data Engineering, and what is the difference?

11/19/15 - Data Science - do you need it or not? Do you need a Data Science program? It’s a fair question. Some companies can productively capture the value from Data Science and others are not in a place to take advantage of such a program.

10/13/15 - Exponential Technology and the Self-Driving Car. Public attention understandably focuses on the breakout and scaling of advanced technologies. But reaching the breakout point requires building the necessary base, which can take a long time - much longer than people often realize.

8/5/15 - Machine Learning - Invisible Revolution. It's 9:10 AM and you have already used or benefited from dozens of different Machine Learning systems. Did you notice them all?

7/21/15 - Machine Learning - Why it's Important. For most of the information age, if you wanted to program a computer to solve a problem, you had available only two approaches...

5/5/15 - How my failed project became a core part of your desktop. In 1997, I was part of a tiny team that created an innovative product. The company failed - but the technology lived on. In 2015 - 18 years later - it will ship as a core part of every Windows 10 desktop. This is its story.

2/17/15 - Working via telepresence robot. Remote video tools like Skype have become standard business tools and they are highly effective. Telepresence ups the game still further, giving you access to a robot body you can control though the Internet.