Leopard Holdings LLC

Research and Software Services

Data Center

What we do

We partner with clients to help them achieve business breakthroughs and predictable velocity.

Via Leopard Research we offer services in Research and Data Science and Machine Learning that allow you to move confidently into adjacent fields, use your data to deliver expert performance, and deploy advanced features that move your products to the forefront of your field.

Through Leopard Software we offer Software Development services to bring immediate, predictable, and scalable velocity to projects, and to take on distracting work such as maintenance.

Whether your problem is providing recommendations to shoppers in your online store, identifying which drugs will most likely work with your patients, or bringing focus and velocity to a project that's struggling, we can help you move forward.

News and Publications

Do you need software help? Our architect-centric consulting model can deliver the help you need, right now.

How AI maps your social network. Applying NLP to visualize Sherlock Holmes' social network.

AlphaGo: Did DeepMind just solve intelligence?! A guest article we wrote for Singularity Weblog.

Data Science? Business Intelligence? What's the difference? Discusses how BI is evolving into Data Science.